A Guide to Pay Parity Laws Around the World

Although calls for equal pay for equal work have intensified in recent years, the concept is anything but new. Efforts toward improving wage equality date to the early nineteenth century, when newly unionized female workers in industrialized nations like the UK took action to negotiate wages closer to those earned by their male coworkers. The fact that pay parity remains a hot topic nearly two … Continue reading A Guide to Pay Parity Laws Around the World

The Payroll Performance Checklist

Technology is advancing faster than most global organizations can consider their current needs, a reality that carries particular weight when it comes to essential functions like payroll. While the beginning of the millennium saw significant advancements in software solutions for areas like human resources, sales, and IT, payroll today is keeping pace and even furthering related systems through new integration possibilities. As they expand into new regions … Continue reading The Payroll Performance Checklist

The Trouble with Fragmented Payroll

It’s a long-standing story in the payroll industry that one provider can’t satisfy all the payroll needs of a global company. With all the differing regulations and constantly changing requirements, the story goes, only local or regional providers have the expertise and access needed to properly process payroll across various locations. The fault in this story is that it doesn’t account for the reality of … Continue reading The Trouble with Fragmented Payroll

What Is Global Payroll?

Although payroll is one of the more fundamental business needs, our understanding of the function and its implications remains minimal at best. In fact, many business leaders rarely consider payroll beyond the basic requirement of paying employees, failing to realize the strategic value of this core function, which often represents the largest cost center of a business and claims on average as much as 60% of … Continue reading What Is Global Payroll?

Managing the Impact of GDPR on Remote Workers

The General Data Protection Regulation has been in effect since May; however, the full impact and implications of GDPR are still to be seen and understood. Although companies around the world have been preparing for the new regulations for years, it is estimated that as many as 80% of affected organizations will fall short of the legislation’s data protection requirements. So it’s important to continue assessing risk … Continue reading Managing the Impact of GDPR on Remote Workers

Embracing Compliance as Opportunity

2018 was always going to be the landmark year in which compliance goals, needs, and worries took center stage in global business. MiFID II, PSD2, GDPR, and many other acronyms have been dictating strategic discussions and preemptive planning across enterprises for years. Now we have arrived into the newly regulated normal, in which organizations of all sizes and mandates, from governments to universities to Facebook … Continue reading Embracing Compliance as Opportunity

The Impact of Contingent Labor on Global Payroll

The rise of the contingent workforce has signaled an important, if not expected, evolution of the way we do business. Suddenly specific skills can be acquired as needed, where and when they are required. The inherent possibilities of a contingent workforce are generally mutually beneficial, balancing the changing needs of companies with the way more and more individuals want to work. And the trend has … Continue reading The Impact of Contingent Labor on Global Payroll

How Integration Is Shaping the Future of Payroll

For years major organisations around the world have been adopting and upgrading enterprise technology solutions to improve essential business functions, most notably in HR, Finance and Sales. Recently the digital transformation has extended to the payroll function, a development that appears perfectly timed with the next key step for companies looking to improve their performance and control: system integration. Although data, big data, and better … Continue reading How Integration Is Shaping the Future of Payroll

Four Key Benefits of Single-Source Payroll Data

The unprecedented volume of data produced, collected, shared, and stored on a daily basis has become a hallmark of the modern working world. Amid growing demands for data protection and transparency, and evolving regulatory requirements like GDPR, it is clear to both companies and consumers that our masses of data require the best management methods available. However, that’s only the first step. The challenge to … Continue reading Four Key Benefits of Single-Source Payroll Data

Prioritizing Data Visibility in a Security-Focused World

Compliance, performance, efficiency—it can be tough to prioritize goals within a global data management strategy. Depending on your yearly objectives, regulatory demands, and market opportunities, data quality and security can seem more urgent, complicated, or beneficial in widely varying ways. Continually developing technologies, like cloud-based services and process automation, have enabled multinational companies to recognise the value of their payroll data and begin to get creative … Continue reading Prioritizing Data Visibility in a Security-Focused World