C1: ‘We shall find.’

The C1 single-cell sequencer from Fluidigm revolutionised the field of life science research by enabling researchers to explore tumour heterogeneity to better understand, among other things, cancer pathologies and mechanisms — and how new treatment designs could stop them. One of the methods scientists use to do this is called single-cell mRNA sequencing, and the introduction of this capability required a campaign that adequately captured … Continue reading C1: ‘We shall find.’

CloudPay Product One-Pagers

Whoever said “if I had more time I would have written you a shorter letter” may have been a SaaS copywriter. Attempting to capture the depth of an innovative, comprehensive technology solution and clearly communicate its value to potential customers on a global scale in a concise, easily digestible collateral piece is a true challenge. These three one-pagers were developed to work independently and together … Continue reading CloudPay Product One-Pagers

LSM: Top Tips for Waste Removal

LSM is a little company with a big, strong, never-quit heart. They make balers used by major companies and little corner shops all around the world to help better manage their waste and recycling. As part of their rebranding project in 2016, I created a series of brief ‘free guides’ to be downloaded from their new website. True to the LSM identity, these guides are … Continue reading LSM: Top Tips for Waste Removal

Polaris: Imagine If You Could

In 2015 the life sciences pioneer Fluidigm introduced Polaris, a machine that enabled scientists to combine acute dose-response and time-course studies with complete molecular readouts in order to fulfil a wide range of functional genomic applications. This was a revolution in genomic and biological studies, one that let the scientific community take a collective step forward toward a cure for common diseases including cancer and … Continue reading Polaris: Imagine If You Could